PLL fans I need your help - what will you be doing during the premiere?

So I’m writing a research essay for uni on fandom culture and technology, and I’m using PLL fans as an example (write what you know, right?)

It would really help me out if you could answer the above question, either here or in my inbox. I’d like to now what you plan to do during the episode - obviously watching it, but will you also be on tumblr? tweeting? texting a friend? or talking with someone who is actually with you? or something else?

It should  take you about 30 seconds to answer it and I’ll love you so much if you. If it makes a difference to you, I’ll probably give everyone who helps me out a lovely big shoutout :)

ok so i just caught up on pll too and i’m really confused…

what did spencer think was behind the door? what could be in there that would mean toby still loved her?

Anonymous: I keep thinking about when Toby could have joined the A team and we know for sure it wasn't season 1. A lot of people think it's after Emily told him about Wren, which does make sense. I think you're right about him betraying the A team, it's almost like they want us to think he was betraying the girls, but I think it goes deeper than that. He was the one who rang Dr Sullivan in the s2 finale. If Mona did die he would probably be as relieved as the girls, he would be free too.

I haven’t really been following much of what Marlene and the writers have been saying, did they say it he definitely didn’t join in s1? Well I guess that supports the idea that he’s only just ‘joined’. I’ve heard the after Emily told him about Wren theory, but I still don’t think he’d do that to Spencer. :( I reckon you’re exactly right in that they want us to think he was betraying the girls. The writers made such a big deal over ‘the betrayal’ on twitter. But of course they’re going to be trying to throw us off track a bit, their show is meant to be a mystery! After the whole ‘A is going to be different than in the books’ followed by ‘we never actually said Mona wasn’t A’ thing, I think they’re very big on trying to throw us off the track but then go back on it on a technicality… so they’re saying Toby was the betrayer now but later they’ll say that they never actually mentioned who he was betraying. I never thought about the whole Dr. Sullivan thing though, good point. I did think it was kinda weird that he was able to magically find her, maybe he was already in on the A team back then.

yes toby is ‘the betrayer’ but i’m pretty sure he is betraying the a team, not the four girls? i think he’s pretending to be on the a team’s side in order to keep spencer safe? marlene king made a big fuss about ‘the betrayer will be revealed’ blah blah but i don’t think she ever said who that person was betraying?