Pretty Little Liars has done really interesting things with the Kinsey scale. They’ve given us Emily and Paige, both of whom seem to identify as full-on lesbians. They’ve given us the other Liars, who seem to identify as full-on straight women. Maya St. Germain was right in the middle, a young bisexual woman who was into people as opposed to gender. There are characters who seem to be label-free and sexually fluid like Alison and Jenna. It’s a testament to the show’s nonchalance about sexuality that characters can reveal their queerness, suddenly and without explanation, and the audience doesn’t even flinch.”


Pepe the dog has discovered more things in 20 minutes than the whole Rosewood police in 5 seasons



A lifeless face that you’ll soonforget


She thought I was dead, I was trying to tell her I was alive. I was screaming, god can’t you see me? Can’t you see me breathing? Look at me! The words didn’t come out, I couldn’t move.


pll drinking game: drink every time someone shoulda fuckin called the cops