2x25 - 5x12 Goodbye Mona Vanderwall

Game over Alison. I won


Reaction to pretty little liars


These are not the same ppl. The first one is “A” walking up the stairs to Mona’s room, and the hair is really long and a bit darker and the second is “A” walking into Mona’s room, and it’s cut choppy and shorter. I think the first one is Ali but I think she was there earlier and I don’t think she killed her. Not sure who the other one could be but I’m guessing CeCe Drake.

Yooo it was Alison + Ceecee friends who murder together stay together

PLL 5x12/Mid Season Finale Episode Recap


an official hashtagpll recap, url changed for a bit in honor of mona. rip.


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Mona’s Killer


#fuck this show and it’s irony


MONA IS MY FAVE </3333333

I still don’t understand.
- An ancient Pretty Little Liars proverb

Pretty Little Liars has done really interesting things with the Kinsey scale. They’ve given us Emily and Paige, both of whom seem to identify as full-on lesbians. They’ve given us the other Liars, who seem to identify as full-on straight women. Maya St. Germain was right in the middle, a young bisexual woman who was into people as opposed to gender. There are characters who seem to be label-free and sexually fluid like Alison and Jenna. It’s a testament to the show’s nonchalance about sexuality that characters can reveal their queerness, suddenly and without explanation, and the audience doesn’t even flinch.”